• Welcome to International Gratitude Day and the Month of Gratitude

Welcome to International Gratitude Day® and the Month of Gratitude

International Gratitude Day® and the Month of Gratitude is the Fundraising Arm of The Friendship Foundation Limited.

You may be wondering why people would choose to dedicate a whole organisation to Friendship. Well, the answer to that question is very simple… at some time in their life each person involved with TFF has faced challenges of their own. Each has experienced circumstances that caused heartache and often despair. As they struggled through those dark times, frequently the thing they missed most was friendship.

Losing friends and family is often the outcome of illness, injury or social displacement… especially if the challenges last a long time. (When illness, injuries or negative circumstances last a long time they are referred to as being Chronic.) People look around for support but very few friends or family are still there. Quite unexpectedly people find they have lost most of the people they depended on. They enter a dreadful time of Social Isolation! They find themselves feeling very alone and lonely. Of course some people remain…loved ones that become the Carers or Supporters in their world.

When people are down they have two choices. They can focus on the negative and sink even further into hopelessness or they can focus on turning their challenges around and find meaning from all the despair… And that is the focus of TFF.

International Gratitiude Day® and the Month of Gratitude’s focus is to provide funds for research and projects that promote mental health and wellbeing within local communities.


Please learn more and get involved with our fundraising events..

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